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What is clay target shooting?

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Origins of Clay Target Shooting

Clay target shooting, also known as clay pigeon shooting, originates from a game enjoyed by aristocrats of 17-18th century Europe. Back then the game involved releasing pigeons in the air and shooting them with guns, and owing to this, even today the targets are called pigeons.
As time went by, the pigeons were replaced by clay disks, and the sport came to be renamed clay target shooting.
The size of the clay disk is 11 centimeters. Clay target shooting, which has become hugely popular among the public compared to other shooting games, is a sport that requires much concentration as it involves hitting a moving target precisely.

Clay target shooting includes Skeet, Trap, and Double Trap, which are official Olympic events. Further, the United States has created American Trap and American Skeet for the popularization of the sport.

In Skeet, the targets are hit from various angles as the shooter moves from the first station to the eighth station. Trap has a total of five stations, and the shooter hits the target flying from one of the three trap houses along the line of fire. Double Trap, another item similar to Trap, involves hitting two targets. American Trap has the highest accuracy rate and is easy to learn since the trap is released from a single trap house. For this reason, beginners learn basic posture and senses through American Trap, training in the order of Trap and Skeet. One standard round involves 25 shootings.

The game of trap shooting originates from a throwing event that involves standing at one spot, aiming at a target and shooting it from a distance. As time went by, gunpowder and guns that fire bullets were invented and continually improved. When these guns became easily accessible, people started using guns to shoot at clay targets. In other words, it is a combination of gun and sports, and sporting riflery that developed into clay shooting events and hunting.

In Europe, clay shooting as a sporting event developed around the 16th century, and in the 17th century clubs were established in various places. By 18th century, clay shooting had grown as a thriving sport. Later, as clay shooting became popular and the advanced guns were developed, the sport was divided into categories involving shotguns, rifles, pistols, etc. Thus, modern clay shooting is divided into rifle shooting and shotgun shooting, both of which are Olympic sports. The number of athletes participating in clay shooting events is the highest next to that of track athletes.

Basic knowledge

  • 01Position
    Unlike other shooting events the target is shot with both eyes open. This is because the target moves.. Now picture you stepping aside wondering, “What went wrong?” And you had high confidence in your shooting skills acquired during your military days. The most likely cause is failing to keep both your eyes open. Keep your cheek pressed to the butt plate and the shoulder. Bend your upper body slightly forward. Get in the position, breathe in, and aim at the target after breathing out about halfway. Pull the trigger as you follow the target using your waist while keeping the gun in a fixed position.
  • 02Sequence
    Break the gun and load two bullets. Remove your finger from the trigger. Aim at the target having the gunpoint and your eye fixed along a straight line, and follow the pigeon once it gets released. Once the target and the gunpoint draw together, pull the trigger. If you act in a rush, you will miss the target. In clay target shooting, the athlete needs to maintain his/ her composure.
  • 03Precautions
    You must follow the safety guards' orders as it is a sport directly linked with life. You are strictly prohibited from moving the gunpoint from side to side. You are prohibited from stepping into the firing line without the permission of the safety guard, and you are also not allowed to enter the shooting range under the influence of alcohol. Athletes are required to maintain politeness and are not allowed to touch other people’s guns without permission. After shooting, you must break the gun and remove the empty cartridge.

Gun bullet target

  • Shotgun for clay target

  • Clay target

  • Live bullet for shotgun

Shooting scene

  • Skeet

  • Trap

  • American Trap