Tourist Shooting Range

Inquiries on group
reservation and


Groups of ten or more require reservation,
and our friendly staff will assist you
to make reservations by phone.


- Firing with live ammunition (clay, pistol, air rifle) is available for visitors aged 14 years or above
- Make sure to bring your identity card

※ Identity card
- Certificate of resident registration Driver’s license, passport, certificate of foreign national registration, student ID (confirm the birth date)

Game Rules

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How to go about shooting

  • 01Inserting ammunition : When inserting the ammunition, push the lever of the gun to the right and break at the middle, and insert two bullets each.
  • 02Adjusting the muzzle and aiming : With your right hand holding the trigger and the left hand holding the rear body of the gun, hold the gun steady keeping the butt plate on the right shoulder. Aim at the target keeping the tip of the muzzle and the eyes in a straight line.
  • 03Chasing the moving clay target with the muzzle : When the clay target is released, the muzzle must follow the target keeping the focus approximately 20 to 30 meters above the target. Here, you must keep the arm still and move with your waist.
  • 04Discharge : Once the tip of the gun comes in line with the clay, quickly pull the trigger.
    (When getting into position, beginners need to follow the instructions by the safety guards to keep the arms and face safe from the recoil.)
  • 05After shooting, the empty cartridge sticks out automatically from the rear once you break the gun.

  • Charging the gun with bullets (Break the gun - insert two bullets - close the gun)

  • Adjust and aim the muzzle, fire the gun

  • Remove the empty cartridge (auto-discharge)