Tourist Shooting Range

Inquiries on group
reservation and


Groups of ten or more require reservation,
and our friendly staff will assist you
to make reservations by phone.


- Firing with live ammunition (clay, pistol, air rifle) is available for visitors aged 14 years or above
- Make sure to bring your identity card

※ Identity card
- Certificate of resident registration Driver’s license, passport, certificate of foreign national registration, student ID (confirm the birth date)

What is pistol shooting?

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Pistol shooting

Be a movie hero in a safe and pleasant state-of-the-art facility!

Daegu International Shooting Range allows target distance adjustment of 5, 10, and 15 meters by international standards. Visitors can choose from various guns including 22-caliber rifle, 357-caliber rifle, 38-caliber revolver, and 9 millimeter (Beretta, Glock) in six shooting stations. The shooting range is fully equipped with an advanced safety system and a monitor from which you can check the target in real time. Visitors including women and beginners can enjoy the sport safely using various imported guns and also relieve stress with the boom. Moreover, visitors are guided by our friendly, well-trained safety guards.

Pistol shooting using live bullets always offers a new sensation mingling both tension and excitement. This is because the gunpowder explosion, smell and sound cumulatively offer a great way to get rid of stress.

Safety rules

  • 01Wear the earplugs and goggle before holding the gun.
  • 02Do not place the finger on the trigger before it is time to shoot.
  • 03Do not aim at a person even with an unloaded gun, and always point the gun in the direction of the target.
  • 04Do not touch the gun without permission.
  • 05Follow the safety guards' instructions as you proceed with the shooting.