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Groups of ten or more require reservation,
and our friendly staff will assist you
to make reservations by phone.


- Firing with live ammunition (clay, pistol, air rifle) is available for visitors aged 14 years or above
- Make sure to bring your identity card

※ Identity card
- Certificate of resident registration Driver’s license, passport, certificate of foreign national registration, student ID (confirm the birth date)

What is BB gun shooting?

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What is BB gun shooting?

It is a game of hitting the target using a BB gun through a system linked to smartifacts, which allows men and women of all ages to have a safe and fun experience that cannot be enjoyed when firing with live ammunition.

System configuration

Tablet PC

Connects and operates all devices related to the game

Comprised of fixed and moving targets; hitting the target wins scores for the player

A rifle type gun that fires BB pellets using pressure
Automatic stoker

Automatically supplies a set number of BB pellets in the magazine

A device charging the pressure in the gun

A protective gear for protecting the eyes from reflected BB pellets and preventing accidents