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Groups of ten or more require reservation,
and our friendly staff will assist you
to make reservations by phone.


- Firing with live ammunition (clay, pistol, air rifle) is available for visitors aged 14 years or above
- Make sure to bring your identity card

※ Identity card
- Certificate of resident registration Driver’s license, passport, certificate of foreign national registration, student ID (confirm the birth date)

Shooting Range Safety Rules

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  • You must keep quiet inside the shooting range.
  • The gun must be pointed at the air or target at all times.
  • If there is a problem with the gun or live cartridge report immediately, and please do not change the direction of the gunpoint.
  • Do not touch the gun belonging to other people without their permission.
  • Keep the live cartridge separated, and do not load the gun in any place other than the firing line.
  • Do not fire empty gun or take the 'ready' posture in any other place except the firing line, and particularly, do not aim at people.
  • Shooters who are finished with shooting should give attention to the direction of the gunpoint at the spot, and check the cartridge chamber.
  • The gun must be opened right after the shooting or moving to another place.
  • Smoking, drinking, and making noise are prohibited (keep quiet) inside the shooting range. You are to fire the gun following the directions of the coach (safety guard).
  • In case accidents occur due to not following the safety rules, the concerned person/s shall be held liable for the damage.