Tourist Shooting Range

Inquiries on group
reservation and


Groups of ten or more require reservation,
and our friendly staff will assist you
to make reservations by phone.


- Firing with live ammunition (clay, pistol, air rifle) is available for visitors aged 14 years or above
- Make sure to bring your identity card

※ Identity card
- Certificate of resident registration Driver’s license, passport, certificate of foreign national registration, student ID (confirm the birth date)

Game Rules

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Game Rules

  • 1
    Wear the earplugs and goggle before holding the gun.

  • 2Keep your feet at shoulder width,
    and stand relaxed balanced on
    approximately half of the sole of
    your left foot.

  • 3Hold the gun with your right hand
    and support the right hand with your
    left hand by grabbing it.

  • 4Keep the right arm straight and keep
    he wrist fixed.

  • 5When aiming at the target, hold your
    breath, close your left eye and match
    the height of front sight with the center
    of gunsight, and aim at the middle of the

  • 6
    When firing, pay attention to the line
    of sight so that its posture is not lost,
    and fire slowly with the force of

  • 7Safety guard (load the gun, prepare for firing)